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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, our spice blends are gluten free.

No! Our spice blends do not contain MSG or preservatives.

We utilize silicon dioxide as a natural anti-caking agent to enhance the flow and quality of certain blends. Despite its name, silicon dioxide is a naturally occurring compound found in water, plants, animals, and even the human body. We adhere to the FDA’s recommendation and only include up to 2% of this substance in any of our blends.

It’s important to exercise caution and avoid exposing these blends to direct sunlight or heat. Otherwise, the ingredients may melt and fuse together, leading to significant caking.

We create our exclusive spice blends in the United States, sourcing spices from their countries of origin around the globe. We understand that many of our customers prioritize supporting American businesses, and we share that sentiment. All aspects of our operation, including blending, packaging, labeling, fulfillment, customer service, and marketing, take place within the United States.

Although not all of the 50+ spices we use are indigenous or grown in North America, we make an effort to source individual spices from North America, South America, Europe, and other regions where they naturally thrive. We always aim to buy ingredients from American suppliers when possible, even if it results in higher operational costs for us, as a way to support our economy.

Our blends are packaged in 8 fluid ounce PET bottles that feature a dual-flip lid, which allows for sifting and pouring. These bottles are notably larger than those typically found in grocery stores.

Please keep in mind that the specified bottle size of 8 fluid ounces is a volume measurement. The actual weight of each bottle will vary depending on the density of the specific blend.

Additionally, we plan to introduce 4 fluid ounce and 16 fluid ounce PET bottles in the near future to provide our customers with more size options. Stay tuned for updates on the availability of these bottle sizes.

Our blends are like fine wine – they’re best enjoyed fresh. We recommend using them within 12 months for a flavor explosion in your mouth. But hey, no judgment if you let them hang out in your pantry for a couple of years. Our blends are tough and can still pack a punch, even after 2-3 years of solitude. So go ahead, sprinkle them on your favorite dishes and savor the flavor!

Whether you’re trying to jazz up an already badass dish or need to give your taste buds some serious backup, BBQ Sprinkles blends have got your six. These spices are like the recon team of your pantry – always ready to go on a flavor mission. So sound the alarm, gather your chow, and get ready to taste victory!

We prioritize allergen information and transparency. Our BBQ rubs contain a proprietary blend of spices within the FDA’s definition. While we use the generic term “Spices” in our ingredient list, it covers various spices listed by the FDA. Please review our ingredient list and allergen warnings to determine suitability for your allergies.

For the FDA’s list of spices, you can visit the FDA’s website at FDA Spice List. While it may not include every spice, it provides a helpful guideline.

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